Bel Ormeau

Bel Ormeau is the fruit of a special partnership between Chilli and a magnificent property located in the heart of the Blayais vineyards. The aim of this collaboration is to create a great Blaye wine, developed from three plots that have been carefully selected with precision and passion. 

This property has been steeped in history since the 17th century, a place of worship with an exceptional heritage. Every year, this vineyard is rewarded by the most famous international critics for its exceptional vintages. He strives daily to meet a high level of quality, through careful consideration of the environmental impact.

This all goes to ensure grapes that produce elegant, tasty and enjoyable wines. This is what we have created together with Bel Ormeau and it is with great pleasure that we now bring these wines to you.


We strives daily to meet a high level of quality, through careful consideration of the environmental impact. This all goes to ensure grapes that produce elegant, tasty and enjoyable wines.

OUR Terroir

Côtes de Bordeaux

We are deeply committed to the values of our terroir, Blaye Côtes de
Bordeaux: CONVIVIALITY, AUTHENTICITY, AUDACITY and ACCESSIBILITY. These values are the driving force which enables us to bring you a quality wine.

Our vineyard, which overlooks the Gironde estuary, benefits from a favourable micro climate which ensures a healthy and perfectly ripened harvest. The Blayais vineyards enjoy an exceptional exposure to 240 days of sun per year.

This terroir yields up great richness and wide diversity. This brings elegance, balance and a solid structure to the wines.


3 parcels selections

Les Clos

Les Hérits



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